A company you can rely for availing finest quality Infusion Bag Making Machine, IV Bag Making Machine, IV Solution Filling Machine, Infusion Bag Filling Machine, PVC Bag Filling Machine and a lot more...

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About Us
Changzhou Punosi Automation Equipment Co; Ltd., is a company which came into formation a couple of years ago and has specialty in serving customers a wide range of Bag making, Filling and Sealing Machines. These machines can be used to do the foretold tasks on PVC, IV, Non PVC and several other types of bag. Working as a Manufacturer and Exporter, we only emphasize on serving customers, machines and several other products, of quality untouchable by any other company of this industry. The portfolio of our offerings comprises Infusion Bag Making Machine, IV Bag Making Machine, Non-PVC Bag Filling-Sealing Machine, PVC Bag Filling-Sealing Machine and a lot more. These filling machines are best fitted for packaging flexible bags in pharmaceuticals making factory. Further, we also offer our customers Filling Bags, Insert Stoppers, Welding Tubes, etc., which are made using highly advanced automatic process machines. Each process undertaken in our facility is executed under the monitoring of Micro-Computers. We are a company which gives its best efforts towards meeting the demands of customers who are in the medical packaging field residing across the globe. Owing to which, we provide tailor made filling sealing machinery services to our clients.

Filled With Right People
We have never failed to deliver customers the best quality products in the exact same numbers they required from us. And the foretold has only been possible with the help of our employees. Each member of our company is a highly skilled expert who never steps back from showing perfection in each work they do. The main factor behind their dedication is that they know that the growth of our company will directly reflect to their personal growth. Owing to which they are not only motivated to achieve success but continue to work with us with complete satisfaction and happiness. Below are some of the employees we have appointed in our premise:-
  • Manufacturing experts
  • Quality assurance personnel
  • Logistics team
  • Accounting executives

Winning Trust

The first and foremost factor behind satisfied customers is their trust. It can be their trust on our quality, our prices or our promise to deliver punctually. We make sure that no factor is ever compromised which can ruin the relationship we make with our clients. At the time of our business dealings, we ensure that the clients who come to us are treated in a genuine manner. We believe in ensuring clarity and transparency in dealings. What we actually are is what we portray to our customers.

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